I always wanted to start a blog, the problem is that I get bored very easly and writing becomes more a duty than a pleasure.
Anyway, I rolled my sleeves up and started this website with the hope of making it become my personal archive of what I am learning and the various problems that I am facing.

Here, I'm going to talk about my passions, more specifically:

  • Cyber Security/Penetration testing: Oh god I'm gonna stress you all a lot with penetration testing, CTF walkthroughs, reviews and research.
  • Artificial Intelligence: I am really passionate about AI/ML, but I am just a beginner! I tried to implement basic models, and you can check them out in my Github repo, this blog's aim is to document my steps from n00b to not-that-n00b
  • Programming: I love writing code, some times even more than penetration testing. I truly belive that computer programming is very close to painting and composing music, you start from a scratch page and you can make everything you desire, your imagination is the limit.